The Cass County Solid Waste Management District (CCSWMD) was created as a result of House Bill 1240 which was made into law in 1991. The bill mandated goals for reducing the flow of solid waste into Indiana's landfills by 35% by January 1, 1996, and 50% by January 1, 2001.


The District is governed by a board that includes, by virtue of their offices, the three Cass County Commissioners, the Mayor of the largest incorporated town (Logansport), a member of the Logansport City Council, a member of the County Council appointed by that council, and a member of the governing body of the second largest incorporated town (Galveston). 

The District is managed by its Director, Brena Pearson. 

Board meetings are held quarterly on the fourth Thursday (January, April, July, October) at 5:00 p.m. in the Solid Waste Warehouse unless otherwise noted. All of the meetings are open to the public. The CAC (an advisory board to the Solid Waste Board) meets in January and July.


Brena Pearson, Director
Brena became the fifth director of the Cass County Recycling District on April 29th, 2021. She replaced Sacha Teague. 
Contact: brena.pearson@co.cass.in.us
Cathy Isaacs, Controller
Cathy became controller of the Cass County Recycling District at the beginning of 2013. She is also the Cass County Assessor.
Contact: cathy.isaacs@co.cass.in.us

District Board Members

  • Ruth Baker, County Commissioner
  • Mike Deitrich, County Commissioner
  • Mike Stajduhar, President, County Commissioner
  • Chris Martin, Mayor of Logansport
  • Larry Hood, City Councilman
  • Dean Davenport, County Councilman
  • Sunny Gordon, Galveston Town Council

Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Citizen's Advisory Committee is designed to give concerned citizens direct input into the planning and management process for the district. According to state statue, the CAC includes representatives of the solid waste management industry, the environmental community, and citizens that are interested in environmental issues.

The CAC will:
Assist the District in developing/maintaining a solid waste plan;
Provide recommendations concerning methods for achieving the goal of reducing waste disposed of in our landfill; 
Provide the District with other such advice and assistance as the director may request.