Roll Off Recycling
There are currently six roll off recycling locations throughout Cass County that are available for area residents
  • The Cass County 4-H Fairgrounds
  • Pioneer Elementary in Royal Center
  • Behind the Christian Church in Walton
  • At the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Galveston
  • At the intersection of 350 South/50 East behind the Industrial Park
  • In Twelve Mile, off SR 16, in front of the Old Elevator Property

What can be placed in the bins?

Plastics: #1 through #7

Any type of plastic container with a recycling logo numbered 1-7. Some examples include: bottles that once held food, condiments, juice, milk, shampoo, detergent, etc., food containers, and flexible packaging such as toilet paper and paper towel wrappers. Also, please remove all lids from the material for proper processing.


Any type of metal that once held food or beverage, i.e. vegetable cans, lids, uncontaminated foil, cans, etc. 


Any type of glass container (jar) that once held food or beverage. Items that CANNOT be recycled are: ceramics, drinking glasses, mirrors, vases, Pyrex, kitchen or ovenware, and window glass. You can throw those items away in your regular trash stream.


Copy paper, computer paper, circulars (flyers, advertisements), magazines, catalogs, newspaper, telephone books, construction paper, cardboard, paperboard, shredded paper, cereal boxes (frozen food boxes), and envelopes. Please make sure these items are not contaminated.

Other items not accepted in bins

Including but not limited to: Styrofoam, electronics, appliances, spray cans, wood, rubber, fabrics, chemicals/paint containers, toys, building material, siding, etc. Contact the District for proper disposal of this material.