Medicine Collection


The Cass County Recycling District is excited to announce we now offer a sharps/needle disposal service.
It’s important to note that improper disposal of medical sharps poses a threat to recycling and trash workers as well as to our environment. Needles should not be tossed in the trash without proper containment and should never be put in the recycling bins.

Residents now have the option to recycle and properly dispose of their lancets, needles and other medical sharp waste in the safest way possible.

**Sharps MUST be in a medical container for disposal. We can no longer accept ANY sharps/needles in other types of containers.**
If you already have sharps in non-medical containers, you can take them to our HHW event in September. Click 'HERE' for details.

Sharps containers can be purchased for $3 at 15 Biddle St. by appointment. This fee will simply cover the cost of the container. Once the container is full, you can return the container for proper disposal at no additional fee. We currently have a limited supply until we measure the success rate of participation. Your patience is appreciated.

The service is available to Cass County residents only. This service is not available for health care providers or businesses.


The Cass County Recycling District Board approved the purchase of a MedReturn unit. It is placed at the Logansport Police Department in the Records Division, located on the second floor of the city building. Area residents can drop off old or expired prescription and non-prescription medications five days a week between 8am-4pm.

The Board also approved the purchase of two additional units. One is located at the Galveston Police Department and the other is in Royal Center Town Hall. The one in Galveston can be used from 8am-12pm, Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. The one in Royal Center is open from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm, Monday-Friday. There is no charge for this service. Sharps and inhalers are not accepted.

Drop-off Procedure