Tires, Batteries & Light bulbs
Tire Disposal
The tire recycling program has been changed we will now be hosting tire day at the 15 Biddle St. Tire day is June 17th from 9 am-12 pm.
The CCRD will not  accept tires at the warehouse, our annual tire day is for Cass County Residents and farmers only, no businesses.
Click 'here' to see our hours. 574-732-9253

The tire drop-off fees are as follows:
  • Passenger Tires (Rim size 18" or less) - $3/tire
  • Racing Tires (Wide) - $5/tire
  • Commercial Tires (Semi, bobcat, & Fork Truck) - $10/tire
  • Tractor Tires - $25/tire

Drop-off Procedure

Battery Collection

The Cass County Recycling District accepts batteries from area residents for recycling. Small quantities can be dropped off during office hours at the district office located at 15 Biddle St. This program is for Cass County residents only and not for businesses. 

We accept  batteries, except Alkaline, at our officeAs the batteries expire, you can collect them in mass and there is no need to separate them by type. You can also bring in car batteries, lawn mower and motorcycle batteries, laptop and rechargeable batteries, hearing aid and cellphone batteries. Alkaline batteries are safe to throw away in your regular trash due to the non-hazardous nature of the chemical. Other types of batteries are harmful in the landfill because of the toxicity inside of them. Most of them contain NiCad, Lithium, and Lead Acid.

Light Bulb Collection

Light bulb disposal still exists for Cass County residents and businesses. Residents can bring their bulbs to the office by appointment. This service is free for residents and there is an applied fee schedule for local businesses. 

Accepted bulbs:
Fluorescent tubes
Metal Halide